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With over 244 million active shoppers on Amazon, getting your brand noticed among a virtual galaxy of listings isn’t going to happen on it’s own. It takes product research, targeted keywords and a clear understanding of how Amazon marketing works to maximize your ranking and drive organic sales.  That’s where we step in to help your product be successful and stand out in a crowded marketplace. With years of product marketing and Amazon seller experience, straight-forward pricing, and an attention to operating at the highest level of integrity, your product launches are in good hands with us.

How We Get You Started

When you contact us, you’ll work one-on-one with a client success manager who is dedicated to growing your business. They will help you refine your goals in terms of how much you want to sell on Amazon, whether you want to liquidate old inventory or how you want to rank against competitors. We’ll dive right in to determine what’s been working, and what hasn’t. Your dedicated client manager will learn all there is to know about your product and your competition, so that together you can develop a solid strategy to optimize your product listing for a higher conversion rate.

Step 1: Optimized Keyword Product Listing

One of the biggest steps to the long-term organic growth of a product is the keyword optimization of the listing. Your listing should be full of relevant and targeted keywords that will help it land on the first page of a customer’s product search. Along with keywords peppered strategically throughout the product description, your listing should have keywords in the product title, in bullet points and as part of the high resolution photos and the URL of the product. While many companies believe that the brand name should be included as a keyword in the URL, if you’re not a major brand like Disney or Apple, nobody will be searching based on the brand name of the product. They’ll be looking for the product itself.

Your bullet points are an incredible opportunity to not only optimize the listing, but to grab the buyer’s attention and drive them down the page of your listing. They should emphasize the top 3-4 reasons customers MUST buy your product. In addition to the strategic placement of keywords, selective capitalization allows browsers to scan and see the most important, most sales focused copy and hook readers into exploring your listing further. Using the last bullet to emphasize sales and promotions often increases conversion rates and encourages people to buy more than one.

Looking for some samples of our listings? Here you go

Step 2: High-Quality Product ImagesFBA photographyAmazon product photography

Your images need to entice potential buyers to first click on your listing and second convince them to add your product to their cart. Photos give customers a view of the product as well as being used as another spot to place keywords. Cloudy, poorly lit or pixilated photographs are not going to convince the customer to try your product. When people buy online, they want beautiful photos that allow them to zoom in and see the fine details. Potential buyers will often skip your listing and move on to another if your photographs aren’t at the highest quality levels.

optimized amazon photos

Often when customers are shopping on Amazon, they are browsing through search results on their mobile device at light speed. You have about 2-3 seconds max to grab their attention with stunning product image. Snapping a product image on your phone may work fine for eBay, but for Amazon you should have your products professionally photographed. In addition to a pure white background, your images should be at least  2000 x 2000 pixels in size, to allow potential customers to view the fine details of the product. Along with solo images of the product, it should be photographed in a real-world situation to help the customer visualize its usage.

We’ll help you create beautiful product images for your listing that will engage customers. Along with clear images from professional product photographers, we’ll be able to optimize your photos for your main product keywords.  Looking for more example of our work? Click here to view our Product Photo Portfolio. 

Step 3: Promotional Sales Push fba marketing campaign

While sales are important to the overall success of your product, a well-planned launch will help customers discover your product from a variety of channels.  Sure, it would be nice to upload your product and see it sail to number one in its category without any additional work on your part, but that isn’t a realistic approach in an increasingly saturated marketplace.

In addition, your listing needs reviews to help potential buyers decide to take a chance on your product over someone else’s, and reviews are important when Amazon’s algorithm is recommending products to its customers. When Amazon shows preference to your product, you’ll receive more sales. More sales equal more reviews, which in turn, equals more sales. It’s a cycle that you want to repeat continuously.

Here’s a real-world example of a promotion and the impact on organic sales.

Step 4: Measure, Report and Optimize

We’ll also help you craft an Amazon Advertising Campaign or PPC, which will continue to drive sales and rank your products. It’s important that the review campaign comes before the PPC campaign, so you’ll have enough reviews to help customers decide to buy your product once you start driving them to your optimization

After the review and PPC campaign, we’ll analyze the results. Whether it’s a daily or weekly reporting, we’ll be able to see what keywords were high conversion versus those that can be dropped because they are not effective. We’ll break down sales trends, which your client manager can explain to you in greater detail. We will give you reports that help narrow your efforts going forward, and we’ll help you place your advertising dollars into the right keywords, and overall, increase the pace of product ranking in your niche.

What Sets Us Apart?

Experience: We’re not just a digital marketing agency who’s decided to start offering Amazon optimization services. The reason we know Amazon front to back is that we’re sellers ourselves and it’s what we do, all day, every day. With almost 4 years experience on FBA we’ve watched the marketplace rapidly evolve, while perfecting our process to quickly launch products and climb the search results.

Pricing: Unlike other companies who take a monthly percentage of your hard earned sales, we charge for the value of the services we provide with simple, flat-rate listing and promotion packages. Whether you need a custom service package, business coaching, or just a helping hand we can put together a total solution that’s right for your business.

Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and we manage your promotions as if they were our own. Amazon frequently updates their terms of service and it’s our job to stay up to date on them, and conduct your promotions with the highest regard for Amazon’s policies. We would never jeopardize your account or your good-standing with Amazon and we keep you in compliance as the marketplace continues to evolve.

Contact us for a free listing analysis on your products. From there, we will develop a step by step promotional launch plan to dominate your product niche.