Make Your Amazon Listings Stand Out With Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced brand content (EBC) refers to an optimized product listing that uses strong images and text in order to increase the perceived value of an Amazon product. The goal of an optimized product listing is to increase conversion rate on the product page. When optimizing an Amazon product, the description field is updated to tell the brand story through bold images and well-written, thoughtfully-placed text.

While a lot of content can be included on an Amazon product page with EBC, it can still be delivered in bite-sized excerpts, making it easier for the shopper to scan and read.  Here’s a great example of an enhanced content listing:

enhanced brand content

As you can see, the first part of the description can include bullet points with the most notable features of the product. Below that, the seller can write a few short paragraphs that explain the benefits of the product, illustrating how it will improve the customer’s life. Next, you can include a quick run-down of the product’s specs and then a few lines that further explain the most important details. Several photos can be included throughout the listing, showing the full product, detail shots and the product in use.

CPC Strategy updated one of their product listings with this type of EBC to test its performance in comparison to its non-enhanced products. After a 25-day analysis, they found that the enhanced content had an 8% higher conversion rate than the rest of the catalog content. That’s a huge increase; even an increase as small as 1% (or even less) can mean major conversions and sales after one year. Plus, the better the conversion rate of an optimized product listing, the easier it is to advertise that product, which begins a beneficial cycle: more conversions lead to scaling the brand, which makes marketing easier, which in turns improves conversions.

EBC is available to Amazon sellers who are considered Brand Owners by the Amazon Brand Registry. When a seller is approved, they can update their products with EBC, so long as the product is part of their brand catalog. While there isn’t a limit to how many products you can enhance, there are some types of products that are better suited for EBC. Complex products perform well with EBC because there are a lot of functions and features that require in-depth explanations. It’s also important to find out what your competitors are doing. If they’re using EBC, you’ll want to update your listings in order to compete. This is especially important if the Amazon comparison widget compares your product to other similar ones.

To help customers make quick decisions about whether or not to purchase a product, EBC answers commonly asked questions and provides the product details that most customers look for. This not only encourages a fast purchase, but it also helps to prevent product returns. Overall, EBC gives the customer enough information so that they feel safe and certain about their purchase.


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