How to Handle Negative Amazon Reviews

Negative Amazon reviews are more than just an annoyance – they can have a big impact on sales, especially if they’re among the first reviews your product receives. It’s always best for to have a strategy in place to avoid bad ratings and negative reviews whenever possible, but when they do occur, it’s important to know how to deal with them.

Option 1: Contact the Customer Directly

If you can contact the customer directly, via email or the phone, ask them if there’s anything you can do to improve their experience. Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to fix the problem, ask them if they are willing to update or remove their review. Remember that it’s against Amazon policy to pressure a customer or offer them an incentive to leave a positive review. Troubleshooting the issue for them shouldn’t be under the condition that they change their feedback.

It always helps to be honest. Explain to the customer how detrimental a bad review is for your shop. If a customer sounded off when they were in the midst of anger, they may be more willing to work with you now that they’ve calmed down.

Ideally, the customer will turn their negative review into a positive one, which will eliminate the problem and also increase your score. The next best option is to have the customer remove the review completely – while you won’t gain anything, you will rid your account of the negative feedback. Changing a review is easy. Direct the customer to login to Amazon, go to “Your Profile,” click “Reviews,” choose the review, then select either “Edit” or “Delete.”

Option 2: Contact Amazon to Remove the Review

Under certain conditions, Amazon will delete a negative review, so long as it has obviously violated their policies. If you feel that you’ve received an unnecessarily harsh or deceitful review, the steps for asking Amazon to remove the review can be found in part 2B of in this great article from Sellics. You’ll also find a list of the types of reviews that violate Amazon guidelines.

Option 3: Leave a Comment on the Review

When damage has been done to your image, getting out in front of the problem can help to improve it. By publicly addressing a negative comment and explaining what you can do to resolve it, other customers can see that the complaint was handled professionally and quickly. This can put your products and brand in a better light. Even if the reviewer doesn’t end up changing their review, you will have framed the entire situation in a more favorable way.

This can put your products and brand in a better light. Even if the reviewer doesn’t end up changing their review, you will have framed the entire situation in a more favorable way. Login, go to the review you want to comment on and click “Add a Comment.”

Keep in mind you still don’t have a direct communication with the reviewer, so make it clear how to contact you to resolve the issue.  For example, your comment response could look like this:

“Thank you for sharing your experience and we apologize for this issue. If you could please contact us directly, we would love to send a replacement out to you to see if a new set might work out any better for you. To contact our customer service team directly, please reply with your ORDER NUMBER and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours! Thanks again for your review and we can’t wait to make this right by you!”

It’s a fact of selling on Amazon, that shoppers are looking at negative reviews to get an idea of a product’s drawbacks. Staying on top of your reviews and dealing with them as quickly as possible can help to limit the amount of negative reviews that stay on your listing.

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