Amazon Product Marketing

Amazon rewards listings receiving buyer traffic from other sources.  Why? First, because this signals there’s strong interest in the product and second, Amazon shoppers tend to make multiple purchases once on they arrive.  So why wouldn’t they want to boost the visibility of listings which are showing up in Google rankings, social media and blog posts?

We utilize a variety of tactics from YouTube video content,  social re-targeting, and product promotions to drive buyer interest in your product.  For example, Press Releases have proven very effective for clients, here’s what’s included.

– Custom, 300-400 word “news-worthy” release written about your product
– Content will be published on over 230 news sites, including numerous local broadcast TV and Radio news sites from brands such as ABC, NBC, Fox News
– Distribution report with confirmation of wire transmission to the Associated Press, LexisNexis,  and a full list of media outlets that pick up the release along with active links.