Slash your Amazon PPC Costs and Boost Your Product Sales

(With a PPC Tune-Up)

Is a PPC Tune-Up Right For You?

Only If you need expert help to spot wasted ad budget on costly clicks
and fix the campaigns that aren't generating results.  Keep reading if this sounds like you below...
  • You're seeing increased competition and the cost of clicks is on the rise for your main keywords
  • You have multiple PPC campaigns with a high ACoS that you can't get under control
  • You have months of keyword data to pour through, but no time to analyze it
  • You haven't kept up with the complexity and ever changing Amazon PPC algorithm

A PPC Tune-Up will Quickly Pay For Itself -
 Putting You Back in Control of Your Advertising!

"We were struggling with our first Amazon PPC campaign..."

" ...It was blowing our budget and it just wasn’t converting into sales. After a frustrating few weeks stumbling through the confusion Lucas at BSR Marketing completely rebuilt our campaign using all the relevant keywords and optimal structures.Since Lucas worked his magic

our sales have increased by 125%
...we are very happy customers! It was a very painless process and Lucas is professional and easy to deal with..."

Chris G. (CEO, Travel & Luggage Brand)

Our PPC Tune-up is fast and effective, almost immediately increasing your product visibility and sales!

​ As experts on Amazon sponsored products (PPC), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and product listing optimization (SEO),  we step to help you troubleshoot major issues, reducing unnecessary ad spend, and potentially saving thousands of dollars.

"A quick fix for PPC that will get you profitable again"

Reach Your Target Audience

We research and compile highly targeted Amazon keywords, then we create new ad groups to drive relevant traffic and reach the exact buyers interested in your  product.

Get ACoS Under Control

We thoroughly run through your Amazon sponsored ad campaigns and make all the changes we would make as if we were managing the account on a regular basis.

Optimize Campaigns For Profit

We maximize your ad spend, and squeeze the best possible results out of it, we adjust your bids based on actual sales results from your search term report.

  • 1 Product PPC Tune-Up
  • Keyword Bid Adjustments
  • Negative Keyword Removal
  • Search Term Report Updates
  • Update Campaigns for up to 2 Weeks

Here's  What's Included:

Starting with a full audit all of your existing campaign campaign data,  we expand to new search terms, eliminate negative keywords, and optimize your bids for your desired ACoS.

For one week, we continue to monitor and update in order to scale your spend and drive your PPC results.   Finally we deliver a custom report on how to mamage moving forward.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do you access our account?

Can you get me to page one of the search results?

Will my daily budget need to increase? 

Can I work with you on PPC Management?

"Lucas is a PPC Ninja and his work has absolutely boosted sales..."

"Very impressed with the attention to detail and the results we have seen. We have gone from

146% ACoS to less than 20%
and our monthly spend has significantly decreased. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to a friend "

John H. (Health & Beauty Private Label Brand Owner)


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